Merlin's Last Quest

Chapter 1: Becoming a Wizard   [Difficulty: 6/10]

You’ve waited your entire life for today- your final wizarding examination. Your mentor, Merlin, has prepared a test of your abilities in harnessing the 4 great elements: Earth, Air, Fire & Water. It is said that whomever masters the elements will wield the power of Aether, also known as True Magic, an otherworldly force that all sorcerers command. You'll have 30 minutes- but only a true wizard can pass this test!

Chapter 2: The Holy Grail    [Difficulty: 5/10]

It’s been nearly 60 years since Merlin, the world's greatest wizard, passed on to the great below. One morning, you receive a mysterious message from a passing eagle- strangely, the message seems to have come from Merlin himself, and it asks of you to return to the School of Magic at once. In it, Merlin tells you that he is in fact not dead, but rather stuck deep inside a dark, ethereal realm by a curse. He explains in the message that the only way to set him free is to retrieve the Holy Grail & bring it to him at once, thereby granting access to the boat of the netherworld. Can you reverse the protection spells inside Merlin's chambers and retrieve the Grail before it’s too late?

The Secret Lab

Chapter 1: The Everlasting Elixir   [Difficulty: 7/10]

Summer, 1941: your best friend Victor has always been a science nerd & he's gotten himself a job as an assistant down at the laboratory of Professor M. Sterious' EverCorp, a top secret research institution hidden deep in the forests of southern Michigan. Victor won’t stop talking about the place & this special project that the Professor has been working on- some kind of serum that extends the lifespan of a normal human by up to a hundred years. One night you & Victor decide to break in when the professor leaves for the weekend, because you want to see this supposed concoction for yourself. Can you retrieve the Elixir in time? Or does something more sinister await you in the Secret Lab!?

Chapter 2: The Professor's Assistant    [Difficulty: 4/10]

It’s been 2 months since you & your best friend Victor broke into the lab of EverCorp. You managed to get away that night with a vial of “Everlasting Elixir”- a drink that promises to revolutionize biomedical science as we know it. The only problem is- no one has heard from Victor since you split ways that night, & you’ve been too scared to alert the police, in fear of incriminating yourselves. So, armed with nothing, you decide it’s time to go back & get to the bottom of Victor’s disappearance once & for all.

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